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Facing Fear

We have all had to face fear in our lives. I came across a promise in the book of Isaiah that I wanted to share with you that I feel might help you when you are afraid.

Isaiah 12:2 (CEV)

2 I trust you to save me, Lord God, and I won’t be afraid. My power and my strength come from you, and you have saved me.”

These words from Isaiah 12:2 are worth knowing in these days when it is so easy to become frightened. Jesus told us that in the end times men’s hearts will fail them for fear of the things about to happen; and I believe we are seeing some of this take place today.

There are some kinds of fear that are good for us. For instance, we warn our children not to go near the busy streets, and we put within them a healthy fear of being struck by a car.

Eventually, of course, that type of fear will be replaced by mature common sense; but until that happens, we teach our children what could happen if they make a wrong decision. Fear can be good in that regard.

In society, we have a fear of being punished for doing something wrong. If you run a stoplight and get caught, you’ll get a ticket. This type of fear may not be the highest motive for doing good, but at least it helps us to get started.

The Bible talks about the fear of the Lord. It tells us that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” and that “the fear of the Lord is a fountain of life.”

This fear, of course, is proper respect and reverence for God. This fear is like the proper respect of a son before a loving Father. Not trembling because of punishment, but fear in that God is Holy and worthy of our respect. Really, that kind of fear opens the way to abundant life in Christ.

When Isaiah says, “I trust in you to save me, and I won’t be afraid”. The fear he is talking about is the fear that paralyzes people—the fear that gets into the heart and mind and creates tension and worries, and that keeps a person from enjoying life and doing his best.

Some people are afraid of life, death, the past, and the future—in fact, people whose lives are being held captive by fear.

Jesus never meant for us to be slaves of fear. It is exciting to read the Bible and discover how God says “Fear not” to people many times.

When the angels appeared to the shepherds to announce the birth of Christ at Bethlehem, their first words were, “Fear not.”

When Peter fell at Jesus’ feet and asked Jesus to depart from him because Peter felt he was a sinful man, Jesus said, “Fear not, Peter.”

When Jairus received the bad news that his daughter had just died, Jesus said to Jairus, “Fear not, only believe.…” Jesus Christ wants us to conquer fear, and He can help us win the battle.

When we place our trust in Christ then we can face our fears. He tell us to Fear Not because He is with us in every situation. Nothing is outside His control.


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