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What's in your hand?

Moses had an encounter with God in which he was told that his life would radically change. Moses had grown up in the luxury of the palace, but because of bad decisions he made, he had been out in the desert working as a shepherd for 40 years. He had to think at least 80 years old that he was destined to live the rest of his years as a regular guy watching sheep in the desert. 

We can identify with Moses because sometimes we make bad decisions in life. Decisions that we feel disqualify us from doing anything significant. Or we have too many missed opportunities. We see other people make good choices or take advantage of a situation, and they excel, but we are just standing on the sidelines, wondering if our lives matter. But repeatedly, in the Word of God, and when we examine the modern-day heroes of faith, we see that God uses humble or foolish things to accomplish His will on earth. 

27 But God chose the foolish things of this world to put the wise to shame. He chose the weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame.

 The Holy Bible: The Contemporary English Version, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1995), 1 Co 1:27.

Moses stands there in the presence of God, being told that God will use his life to change the course of history, and he has a legitimate question for God. It's a question that we may have. I've got to say, it's okay to ask God questions, especially when it feels like He's saying something that seems impossible. I am convinced that God is looking for people who trust Him to do what seems impossible. One of the keys to doing these impossible things is asking God questions and seeking His will above our own and trusting that He can accomplish these amazing things through our lives. 

Here's the question that Moses asked God:

Moses asked the Lord, "Suppose everyone refuses to listen to my message, and no one believes that you really appeared to me?"

 The Holy Bible: The Contemporary English Version, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1995), Ex 4:1.

That's a legitimate question! It's the question we might have, too! After all, we think, people KNOW me! They know that I'm messed up, and some days can't even get out of my own head; how are people going to know that I'm on a mission from God? I'm a nobody! These are all things people whom God has called have thought. Moses was just speaking truthfully with God. 

So, what does God tell Moses?

2 The Lord answered, "What's that in your hand?"

 The Holy Bible: The Contemporary English Version, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1995), Ex 4:2.

What's that in YOUR hand? Maybe this is one of my favorite questions in the whole Bible. Because it kind of sums up how God works. He works through people. Regular people who feel insignificant and rejected by the world. People who have just plain messed up their lives. He tells them, if you trust me, I can do great things through you. You only have to USE what I've given you! 

God did work through Moses' life. But Moses had to trust the Lord. Even though it looked like he didn't have much, with God, he could lead a nation out of slavery. 

Here are some questions: What's in your hand? Do you feel like the Lord can't use you? Have you given up on making a difference in the world?

You should re-evaluate your situation because when you surrender to Jesus, your life is on a new course; you're headed for fulfillment, joy, peace, and purpose. We need to take the next step in faith, knowing that God is with us and He can use what's in our hands. 


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