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Strong Enough

Growing up, I can't remember anyone I thought was stronger than Hulk Hogan. He was the man! He always wore a cool bandana (I didn't know it was because he was going bald) and a signature yellow tank top that would get ripped off to show off his massive muscles. He was so cool. I could hardly wait for him to enter the arena and clean house. I'm not saying he was my hero, but he was worth me owning his action figure!

In our walk following Christ, we read in scripture that weakness is okay. We are encouraged that in our weakness, Jesus will be our strength. What in the world does that mean? 

Consider this message written to people just like us:

You stupid Galatians! I told you exactly how Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. Has someone now put an evil spell on you? 2 I want to know only one thing. How were you given God's Spirit? Was it by obeying the Law of Moses or by hearing about Christ and having faith in him? 3 How can you be so stupid? Do you think that by yourself you can complete what God's Spirit started in you? 4 Have you gone through all of this for nothing? Is it all really for nothing? 5 God gives you his Spirit and works miracles in you. But does he do this because you obey the Law of Moses or because you have heard about Christ and have faith in him? 

The Holy Bible: The Contemporary English Version, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1995), Ga 3:1–5.

This scripture is very cool, not just because the great Apostle Paul calls these believers "Stupid" multiple times, but because it reveals a truth that can help us understand our Christian walk. 

We are saved and kept by Grace, not our good works. Christians today feel that the same Spirit who saved them cannot keep or help them live for Christ. When we first come to Christ and declare Him the only way to find salvation from our earned eternal judgment, we come to Him in humility and weakness. But then we get the idea that He requires perfection and strength from that moment on. 

Here's the problem with that way of thinking: It's Stupid! If we weren't good enough before Christ to live a perfect life, we aren't perfect after coming to Christ, either. It's because we have a sinful nature that we are fighting against each and every day. 

Later on Paul teaches the Galatian Church about their sin nature verse the Spirit who had been given to them as a gift:

16 If you are guided by the Spirit, you won't obey your selfish desires. 17 The Spirit and your desires are enemies of each other. They are always fighting each other and keeping you from doing what you feel you should. 18 But if you obey the Spirit, the Law of Moses has no control over you. 

19 People's desires make them give in to immoral ways, filthy thoughts, and shameful deeds. 

 The Holy Bible: The Contemporary English Version, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1995), Ga 5:16–19.

You see, we will always struggle against our human nature. We will ALWAYS need God's Grace to save our souls. We can't earn this Grace; it's a gift! 

So, if we are weak and need Grace, how are we supposed to live for Christ? The scripture tells us that His Spirit must guide us. His Spirit has been implanted in the hearts of His followers. The Spirit of God gives believers the authority to stand in faith, work in ministry, and accomplish God's will on the earth. 

Recently, Hulk Hogan was baptized. He said that he got baptized as a "Total surrender and dedication to Jesus is the greatest day of my life. " Wow, the strongest guy I knew from childhood had to become weak to be made strong. Isn't that cool? God can do great and mighty things through imperfect people who are led by His Spirit, even Hulk Hogan! 

In your life today, maybe stop trying to do things in your own strength. Lean into the Word of God and the leading of His Spirit more. Spend time in Worship asking the Lord to use your life. I think you'll find that God loves to work through humble people who are honest with Him. 


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