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God Cares About Us

How can the God of all creation care about us? It’s hard to imagine that He is concerned for the bothers of people. Maybe it’s because we forget about the problems of others and focus our attention on our own issues and needs. We might think that God is the same way, that He’s more concerned about the things that matter most to Him instead of caring about each and every person He created. How can the God of the universe be intimately involved in every part of our lives?

In Psalm 103, we can catch a glimpse of how involved God is in the details of our lives. We find that God wants to know us and that God wants us to respond to Him. God’s love is on display, and it’s responsive to our needs. God’s great love provokes a response from the psalmist:

1 With all my heart

I praise the Lord,

and with all that I am

I praise his holy name!

2 With all my heart

I praise the Lord!

I will never forget

how kind he has been.

Psalms 103:1–2(CEV)

God not only forgives our sins but according to verse 4, He protects us and crowns our heads with His love! He cares about us so much that even though we deserve punishment for our sins, we can be forgiven.

10 he doesn’t punish us

as our sins deserve.

Psalm 103:10 (CEV)

In fact, one of the greatest verses about God’s mercy is found in this chapter. It says that God cares for us so deeply that He will not only forgive us, but He will no longer remember the wrongs we have done.

11 How great is God’s love for all

who worship him?

Greater than the distance

between heaven and earth!

12 How far has the Lord taken

our sins from us?

Farther than the distance

from east to west!

Psalm 103:11–12 (CEV)

God cares for us; this is such an amazing thought that it brings us to a place of complete and total worship. To think that God has the ability to create with only the sound of His voice, and at the same time, He calls to us with that same voice as His sons and daughters is almost too great to comprehend.

God is worthy of our praise! He is jealous for our praise. If we don’t realize His work and thank Him for it, we’re not bringing Him glory. We should give Him praise to point to His glory. Our lives should testify to His love and point others to His greatness. God is concerned for us; we should thank Him and point others to Him. As we seek Him, let’s do so knowing that He cares for us greatly.


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