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Everyday Hero

We get the idea that to share our faith, we must possess some superpower. It’s tempting to imagine ourselves as heroes being called upon to give an account of our faith. Reality is far less dramatic. Every action and moment of our lives is an opportunity to share our story of redemption.

One of the men in the early church knew that every action had the potential to point to the fact that Christ had changed his life. We can look to his example of how to witness even in the most humbling acts of service. Stephen was given the assignment to care for the widows of the church.

5 This suggestion pleased everyone, and they began by choosing Stephen. He had great faith and was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 6:5 (CEV)

Stephen was no superhero with supernatural powers. He was a normal man who did what he did because Christ had changed his life. His devotion to service brought him to a place of influence and leadership in the early church. He was faithful to serve when no one else was watching. And he didn’t limit what God could do in private times or in public times.

In the next verses, we see him witnessing publicly about Christ, and the witness was accompanied by signs and wonders. He was questioned by the religious leaders, but because he was a man filled with the Holy Spirit, they were no match for his wisdom.

10 But they were no match for Stephen, who spoke with the great wisdom that the Spirit gave him.

Acts 6:10 (CEV)

When these religious leaders could not find fault in him, they began to tell lies and spread rumors about things he never said. But even when Stephen stood before the religious court, he stood strong, knowing that Christ was the source of his strength.

15 Then all the council members stared at Stephen. They saw that his face looked like the face of an angel.

Acts 6:15 (CEV)

He was not afraid because he was not relying on his own power or strength. Christ was the source of his life. He had peace knowing that the Lord was with him no matter what was coming.

It’s easy to think our witness matters only for world-changing events, but the reality is that our witness is happening each and every moment. Stephen's example of serving the Lord publicly and privately shows us how to live for Christ. We serve because we’ve been served by the Lord. He is the source of all we do, say, or think. As we seek Him, we must remember that He is with us privately or publicly as we witness for Him. He is the strength we need every day. Even when trials come, we can stand strong because He will never abandon us.

The truth is that we're all hero's because we are chosen by Christ to do His work on this earth. We should work with His Holy Boldness!


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